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Excursion order

You were there?

Dear visitors!

We accept applications for excursions in the Park and in the Museum of Nature, as well as for accompaniment in multi-day hikes.

Choose the route according to your desire and level of preparation, determine the number of participants in the group and the dates of the meeting and submit the Application by filling out a special form (see below). We will reply you by e-mail or call the contact phone.

Applications are processed on working days.

Consultations on the organization and conduction of the events can be obtained from the Tourism Department, tel. (3513) 64-61-97 or by e-mail: tourism@taganay.org

More detailed information on excursions and routes you can read in the section «Tourism».

Information on prices in the section «Services» 

Dear visitors!

Payment for services on the territory of the national park is carried out ONLY in cash. Other options are excluded due to unstable work of mobile communication.

Thank you for understanding!